Friend swore by Huel, so I ordered 3 bags on his to try - bad quality control, no scoops were found anywhere

A friend of mine and his girlfriend have been singing the praises for Huel, So I told him I’ll order 3 bags when he orders. If I like it, I’ll make an account and start my own order. Another friend ordered 14 bags on the order to try it out as a meal replacement. In the 17 bags and another 6 that were ordered, not a single shaker cup. In addition to this NO SCOOPS??? Seeing how I don’t know what the weight is for the product, and don’t have a dope scale (not a drug user, who else uses these?). And no discernable measurement to get the “50 grams”. This is a UK company, there is still imperial scales used - you don’t buy .33 liters of beer? you get a pint. The equivalent measure is 1/3 cup = 1 (90 cc) scoop that isn’t included in the bag. CC is a liquid measurement. But you have Fluid Ounces listed for the water on your packaging? I was raised using both metric and Imperial, Perhaps you should just list both on the label, it is easy to add on your generic label without changing it. If you are going to sell to a North American market , namely USA, please realize that metric isn’t used here, and please put in some type of measure. if you are using the worthless ISO standard of quality control, then please state what the scoop size is on label (1/3 cup) in the high likelihood that the scoop was omitted I have 3 bags, dumped all of them out and nothing. I was very disappointed, I know the one coworker who bought all the bags was selling them at 10 bucks each and is mad, I would have bought them , but he bought the chocolate, which wasn’t very nice. I am only out for 3 bags of the berry. The lot numbers in which had no scoops is BC21326 x 3 bags, I don’t know what the 14 chocolates were, and pretty sure he got rid of them already. First impressions, I can put up with a lumpy gritty drink, but not impressed with the lack of quality control, pricepoint for the powder was fair / poor at best, and honestly, a cheap shaker cup is what endears clients. I’ve sold more oilfield work because my company was printed on their mug they used everyday all day, or the company was printed on their tallybook sitting in their pocket.

I do not think its a QC problem. Here is the process.

First time orders get the Shaker, 2 scoops and a T-Shirt. After that you need to add them to your subscription or send them an email requesting them, they are free.

The point of them doing this with the scoops is to reduce waste. As most people discard them with each bag it adds up over time. When ever my subscription renewes I get 1 more scoop. I ha e also emailed them to send me more and the do.

Once you setup and account and subscription you will see all this. I am a Brand Ambassador so plz ask ?'s. Also Huel is very responsive when you email them. Below is my referral link for you to save $15.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for a timely response and clarification.

I would still recommend having the measurement equivalent in imperial for the serving size added to the label as more often than not, scoops get lost, forgotten, etc.

As with any product, it is usually word of mouth is the best advertisement. In this case, of 2 people, one client was lost due to placing a large order and not knowing how to use this product correctly. The label is specific to weight of product. The chocolate tasted a lot better once we knew how much to put in (1/3 cup - which these scoops can be found in any grocery store), and the berry (mine was much better). I’ll use these bags (3) and see if the results are to my liking , if so, I will be in touch.


Frederich Schepp


You peaked my curiosity. 1 scoop is = 1/3 cup + 2 Tbs. I tested this with water.

Also I looked at all my other products from the US/Canada. They were all in metric units. This may not be a Huel thing but rather a industry wide one.

I would definitely email Huel and ask for some scoops. They are very easy to work with.

Here are some tips I find helpful.

Use the scoop, or 1/3 measuring cup to scoop + 2 Tbs the Huel and level it against the inside of the bag.
Shake Huel vigorously 10 times in a shaker or blend in a mixer
After dinner make your breakfast Huel and put it in the Fridge. Soaking makes it smoother and taste better, the longer the better. After breakfast make another one for lunch and put it in the fridge.
If going to work make 2 the night before in 2 shakers.
An easy snack is half a Huel, 200kcal

Hope this helps.

I think the actionable feedback from this thread is that a reminder on the checkout page about initial orders vs thereafter would have helped the OP ride-along understand that scoops are not included in each bag (thankfully) perhaps the friend could have set this expectation?

As far as “who owns a food scale?” - anyone who has ever tried a diet where serving size/portion is measured. :slight_smile: measuring an ounce of anything is a pain (fluid volume or dry weight) so set that scale to grams and get every calorie you’ve earned today.

Given the tight/loose packing of a “scoop” you really should be measuring with a scale if you care about exact amounts. If not, use 1/3 cup close enough, or “yay much” until you dial-in your ideal portion per … some amount of water/milk/coffee/fluid you like.

btw, cc and ml interchangeable/ the same.


I use a food scale too and not a drug user. :grinning:


“and don’t have a dope scale (not a drug user, who else uses these?).”

You mean, a food scale? I think plenty of people use them. I smoke weed from time to time, I don’t use my food scale when I measure anything related to weed, I use a completely different scale.


Follow up off original post:

I was not able to find a food scale, but a local head shop did have a good scale for “food” weighing. :rofl:
Since I know that 50 grams is 1/3 cup, I don’t anticipate I am going to be that exact in measurement, 2 scoops or 2/3rds cup per serving is close enough.

I ordered 3 more bags of the Berry, my family said it tastes like flavored sand, but it isn’t that bad, and previously living without provisions over long periods of time in my military days acclimated me to eat anything (minus all poo which Bear Gryllis seems to favor).
I have zero issues drinking it (berry white bag), with cold tap water (no ice - I didn’t like it chilled or with ice like most)

2 Months using Huel -

The Good:

I been using Huel for 2 of 3 meals and eating a smaller regular meal for dinner (smaller portion), no sodas, snacks minus fruit, nuts etc. I have went from 220 LB to 190 LB since 3 Jan 2022.
The results are rather impressive, but I also cut out all the junk food, soda, candy and all the stuff that tastes good. Total loss of about 30 LBs. I do not work out , as I detest weak gym bunnies, and my general regular activity is more strenuous than an a gym can offer.
This product isn’t cheap, but is a good quality. The results for me, are very solid.
With my order I received a scoop , shaker bottle (kind of cheaply made (very thin plastic) BUT - the screen does work really well , very easy to clean and much better than the more expensive wire ball in the bottle of a more expensive one which didn’t work remotely as well). I appropriated my daughter’s smoothie blender, put in some water, throw the 2 scoops in and top it off with water, it looks repulsive , but is a good thing, having 4 kids, none of them want any of it and it mysteriously disappearing.

Ordering - Order was fast and on time - 100% satisfied, Great job on Huel’s part!!

Customer service response: Excellent. There was a question regarding the order and they were extremely prompt and conscientious in service. Outstanding!

The bad - I guess,

  1. I am hungry, all the time. I used to eat big meals, now I am adapting to smaller meals for regular food. Things like soda taste too sweet now, so kind of a good thing as well.
  2. Gas - lots of it, but that is the fiber overload in the drink. It subsides a bit in time. The local cows were diverting blame to me for methane emissions. Not bad enough for Biden Briefs, but still enough to be reported to the EPA.
  3. The bag - yes the mylar looking bag is great for flexible packaging, cost effectiveness, storage, etc. but try to get the last scoops out is a near impossibility, and I end up with more on my hand and counter than in scoop, so some is wasted per bag. Do not try and pour the remainder in your cup or blender, the powder defies the laws of physics and will completely miss the vessel…
    Caution on opening the bag, Cut with Scissors! My friend started a tear on it and tried to rip the bag top open. I was amazed at how well this product covers floors and all adjacent surfaces. On the plus side, I learned a lot of new swear words that day.
  4. Forgetting to clean out the cup and sitting in the car a few days. Unless you have covid and lost your sense of smell, this is a pretty rough smell. At this point, you might as well give your shaker an honorable burial and have your windows open even in frigid weather.
  5. Subscription and samples - I don’t like the mandatory subscription as I am most often away from home (over 200 miles or out of country), and no way of getting my order delivered.
    Samples - it would be great if you could buy a sample pack (like 2 scoops worth) of each powder to try. A friend of mine ordered 14 bags of the chocolate and hated it in 3 days, and Huel lost a customer. I would like to try other flavors, but don’t want to commit to a bag of something I can’t stand. Money isn’t a issue in my life, but wasting it is.
  6. Scoops - If Huel doesn’t want to throw in a scoop into each bag, at least state what the actual measure is like “50 grams (1 scoop) = 1/3 cup” . I still don’t understand how a company from Brooklyn, NY doesn’t use Standard measurements alongside metric. I grew up with metric, and like most don’t know how to estimate it, where standard/Imperial I can fairly accurately.
    This is a labeling matter they could improve.

Overall, I feel satisfied with the product, it works as it states, and look forward to purchasing in the future.

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1 scoop is a third cup, and as mentioned before it’s not a quality control issue, there were never supposed to be scoops in the bag. You order them if needed. I haven’t used a huel brand scoop in ages. I have my own metal scoops for the stuff.

Also if you don’t know what it tastes like, don’t order 14 bags on the first order. Get a couple different flavors and try them out.

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Just a reply to your review.

  1. Yep that’ll happen. What helped for me was eating a bit more than 1 Huel “meal” at a time, I usually went for 600 calories to start with and that helped me adjust.
  2. Gas - it may eventually go away, but if you stop for a short period (5 days or more for me), and start back up, it’ll come back - though at a bit less severity.
  3. Yep, it gets everywhere. Even when I’m careful a little bit of static electricity will pick up a small amount and deposit it exactly where I don’t want it to go.
  4. Again, yep, smells like rot.
  5. Samples are something a lot of people have been asking for, it’d be nice to see it eventually. But you don’t need to sign up for a subscription, there is the option for a 1-time order, you just get a bigger discount on a sub. You can also cancel the sub shortly after the order has been sent.
  6. The company isn’t from Brooklyn, they just have their US HQ there. They are a British company, and it’s probably simply cheaper to use a standard bag than to have multiple versions.

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display, Batteries Included

Not a drug scale. Not suited to that use-case. Suited well to weighing food. Many cooks use them. Mine is used on a nearly daily basis for weighing food, not drugs.

Very disappointed that I didn’t get a scoop with my first order. It’s the only thing I have to eat tonight so will wing it. An earlier posted suggested that the least they can do is put the scoop equivalent measurement of 1/3 cup listed on the bag.

Hey @Bjones - Welcome to the forum! :blush:

So sorry to hear you didn’t receive a scoop with your first order. Could you please email our customer service team at with your order number, so they can look into this for you?