New Huel, no scooper included

Hi! Ordered Huel previously in the UK, but did not bring my Huel bottle or scooper over to US. First time ordering in US, and need scooper/bottle.

Any advice?

Just had exact same issue with my order I received today. No scooper, no shaker. I would say e-mail them.

I sent an email about 12 hours ago addressing this issue and have received a response showing that two scoops and a bottle are being sent. Fast response.

When you ordered for the first time, did you choose a scoop and t-shirt size?

We will send you a shaker and scoop!

Thanks for the prompt responses!! Really appreciate it

I just ordered my first today and there was no option for a scoop. I had assumed it came automatically.

Scoops are automatically included in all first time orders! We have you add your shirt at checkout so that you can receive whatever size you please😁

I got a shaker which I thought I didn’t need, but then I discovered that the instructions had been changed to American measurements, along with the markings on the shaker. Not my preference, but I guess I can understand why you’d do that. I’ll carry on using milliliters thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi, same issue with scooper. This is my second order. The first included shaker amd scoopers in both my bags. My latest order did not have a scooper in either bag. Is this some lame attempt to save a few pennies? I wasnt aware I had to save the scoopers…

Hi @Garrett_Dominguez! It’s not the cost of the scoop that we’re trying to save on our end. We typically only include scoops in first time purchases because they outlast the lifespan of multiple bags and we’re always striving to cut down our plastic usage as a company! :green_heart:

I’d be happy to get a couple sent your way! Sorry for the confusion there.

Have a lovely day!