Can you make more than one "batch" at once in a blendar?

I’ve seen a lot of recipies on here that require blending, and I like blending the Huel and leaving it over night, but is it safe to make, say make a larger batch (say, 6 scoops + water+additives) and keep it in the fridge for a day or two in a sealed container? Has anyone done this?

24 Hours after mixing is the “drink by” standard when refrigerated. Some folks have stretched that out some. If you do, give it a sniff, it it smells off, dump it.

This is one of the main reasons I still use Soylent more than Huel (which is superior in a number of ways imo). I like to make a couple of batches in the blender (with added bananas, spices, et cetera) and then refrigerate them. Huel is only good for 24 hours, so why bother making more than one batch at a time? Soylent is good for 48. With both you could probably stretch it a bit, but they will start to ferment and get funky past the last use point.

So I tried this, and I made a double batch Wednesday night. I drank the first Thursday for lunch and second Friday for lunch and it seemed the same.

Hey, if you want to test the limits, I won’t try to stop you. It probably would be OK for a little beyond the suggested expiration date. I once had some that was more than 24 hours old and I did not get sick from it, but it was beginning to go sour.

FWIW, more than once I’ve brought my Huel in for lunch on Friday, wound up going out to lunch instead and had the Huel for lunch on Monday. It spends the weekend in the refrigerator at the office and I’ve never had any issues, gastric or taste-wise.

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