Flipping Huel on Amazon?

I’ve noticed that several of the hot-and-savory varieties are “out-of-stock” on the Huel web site, but still available on Amazon at a steep markup! Is someone “gaming” Huel? I.e., buying out the store and then turning around and flipping the goods at much higher prices on Amazon?

Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Predatory pricing on insufficient supply of consumer goods has been a thing for decades. IMO - the practice has been exacerbated by the global pandemic and the ease of starting up a drop ship business in Amazon’s digital storefront. Amazon doesn’t crack down on the practice, and why would they, they get money from it.

This could easily devolve into a discussion that really shouldn’t be on this forum. So I’ll drop it.

Agreed, let’s not devolve. I just want my foody-goodies at list price direct from Huel, and I hate seeing them out-of-stock!

Hi @Reb - Welcome to the forum!

You’re right on the nose here, unfortunately. At the moment Huel isn’t selling any of our Powders or Hot & Savory products on Amazon. We do have a Huel storefront on Amazon where we have Ready to Drink and Complete Protein available, that you can access here. It will also indicate “Sold by: Huel Inc” in the details of any product coming directly from us.

Unfortunately there are those who purchase from our store and then try to resell product by other means. We are aware of this and are doing our best to make sure it doesn’t negatively affect our customer base or their experience as much as we can. If you have any more questions about this I’d be happy to try and answer them :two_hearts:

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Thanks, K! Glad to know you’re aware of it!