Questions about Expired Huel?

So on eBay, there are numerous postings for Expired Huel. Some even getting it down to $10 per bag.
Are there any REAL issues with using expired Huel?
I originally bought the gluten free unflavored unsweetened Huel. And holy hell is the taste ungodly horrible. My fault. But now I’m sitting with 2 bags of Huel I can’t use. And I’m not about to drop another $75 on 2 more bags to get vanilla or chocolate, since the flavor add ins are all sold out.
So for $30 I can get 3 sealed bags of vanilla, on eBay.
Anyone ever used the expired Huel?

The nutritional profile will not be optimum and start to decrease past the sell by date.

Obviously I’m going to be bias but my worry with buying through Ebay is you don’t actually know what you’re getting. It’s very to easy to mask a powder and even if you have problems it can be difficult to pin down the cause.

The other issue you’re going to have is our Customer Experience team can’t help you with any issues, help you exchange products and provide advice.

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eBay food policy says you can’t sell expired food.
If you find them, report the listing to eBay support.


I don’t really have an issue with that. I’m not the “eBay Police”.

About Huel product expiration - does freezing extend the time and what effects, if any, are there?
Gave some to a brother, he says it gave him gas, I didn’t have that issue.

For powder I don’t think so, there’s barely any water in it anyway. Once the powder is made up it’s fine to eat frozen but the texture isn’t great once defrosted.

The same is true for RTD, don’t freeze and defrost as it will ruin the product.

Everyone and their guts are different so this can happen. Any issues likely resolve themselves in a week or two as the body adjusts to the higher fibre.