Yet another Huel EBT request

I noticed recently that while I can buy Soylent in both meal shake, and in powder form on Amazon, Huel is still not available for purchase… What makes it that brands like Soylent, Garden Of Life Raw Organic Meal, and others are possible to purchase through Amazon EBT, but Huel is not. I realize perhaps that Amazon might have some crappy practices in terms of not being an ideal place to make the most profit from sales as doing it directly yourself.

However, I would easily buy Huel over these other options if there were available on there through their EBT available foods as it seems clearly superior. Any chance you guys might try to make some of your basic powders available via ebt on Amazon since they are already listed on there without?

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Hi @Gomi_Cat thanks for this suggestion, I will pass it along!

It’s important to note that at the moment we only sell our Complete Protein, Ready to Drink, and Huel Daily Greens on Amazon. Any of our other products you see being sold is coming from unauthorized resellers.

Our official Amazon store can be found here: Huel

Hi Gomi, I don’t know if this would help you but I’m a snap person too and something that I’ve started doing is diy Soylent/huel for breakfast and lunch. Once you find a recipe you like it’s really very easy to make up a batch in a blender and throw it in an insulated thermos to take with you for the day. I started doing this because I wanted to stretch my food stamps as far as possible and I simply can’t justify the cost of the shakes when I can make something pretty similar for a fraction of the cost. The ingredients for diy are all ebt eligible on Amazon and the recipe I use I think comes out to less than 50 cents per “meal”. I know cost isn’t an issue for some people but I’m assuming it is for you so I just wanted to let you know diy is an option. I agree though that it would be awesome if huel became ebt eligible because I would definitely buy the hot and savories, I get those sometimes when I have the extra funds because I can’t really diy those meals so if they ever became ebt eligible I’d buy those regularly :yum:. If you have any questions feel free to ask.