Flavours are starting to get boring after the last 6 months


I’ve been eating Huel for the past 6 months for breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday. I have no real complaints besides the flavours are getting a little boring. I do what I can to mix it up with the Huel flavor powders, coffee creamers, and I also use tea instead of straight water sometimes.

This is a great product, I definitely love it, and it’s part of my everyday routine. But it’d be nice if you had new flavour powders that came out regularly, even if they’re just temporary. I’d sign up for a rotating flavor powder of the month if something like that was available.


Genius idea! Love that flavor of the month concept or also unique limited time merch, etc. Will pass this idea along to the big man, @Julian-Huel. :raised_hands:


Love this idea, especially the limited run merch. Anything limited run will gain more attention as well. Get it before it’s gone!


I use frozen fruit (thawed) and a blender. Lots of choices and very good.


When I’m home I use my Ninja add frozen fruit plus a few ice cubes. It’s more like a smoothie.