Flavor Boosts When?

Hey guys, committing to going 100% Huel for weight loss. Went to place another order for more variety in my flavor boosts and I noticed they’re out of pretty much all of them. Any news for when they’re back in stock? I had last heard mid-February and it’s well, mid-February.

I have also been waiting for Flavor Boosts for well over a month, possibly even months. It’s been so long that I am completely out of the 3 bags of Caramel I had and almost out of the Chocolate.

If it’s not going to be back in stock, please let us know so we can look for alternatives.

The flavor boosts should be back in stock this week and the taster packs next week!

Did I miss the round of new inventory of taster packs mentioned here (16 days ago)…?

I’ve been using Huel in my breakfast shakes for almost a year and a half. 1 1/2 servings of Huel (unflavored/unsweetened), 1 Boost Plus (for calories and fat), and 1 cup of organic whole milk (for more calories and fat). Decided to cut milk out of my diet by 90+ percen so I started substituting the milk with water a couple of months ago, feeling as though I could manage the sacrifice with regards to loss in intake. Also been wanting to ditch the Boost for a while, but just now finding the health to be able to sacrifice the supplemental nutrition it adds to the shake.

So, I’m finally at a point where 2 servings of straight Huel with 4 cups of water (in a blender) is sufficient nutrition for my morning shake. And to be honest, I’m pretty excited about it. Very happy to be cutting out the milk and the Boost and going 100% plant based in the morning.

So… I got an order of the chocolate 3.0 to try for a 2 serving all Huel/water breakfast shake. Pretty good. Not too bad at all. But, I think I want to try 2 servings of the unflavored/unsweetened with some of the different flavor boosts before I decide to settle on the chocolate from now on. I was hoping to try them before my next ship date so that I can adjust that order accordingly beforehand.

I see above that it sais y’all should have been getting some like last week or so, but it shows that you’re out of stock… Any idea when you should be getting more of the taster packs in? And how quickly to they usually tend to sell out?

What do I need to do to get my question answered… or receive a response of any kind???

Sorry for missing this Kody! I will tag the Customer Experience team so they can help you out @Christian_Huel @Domenique_Huel

Hey @kodyfowler! Really happy to hear you’ve been enjoying our Chocolate v3 Powder😁 Our Flavor Boost Taster Pack is currently in production for the US so I unfortunately don’t have a estimate for you at this time. It shouldn’t be too long before they’re available again!

I’ll be sure to create a thread on the forum as soon as they’re back💪 For any further questions feel free to drop us an email at Support@Huel.com!

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