UK Flavours in the US?


Love Huel, really useful. I travel frequently (3 of 5 days a week) and Huel has been a game changer for me (plant based flying through multiple US airports is not ideal). Also has been great during marathon training.

FYI on the V3 while it does seem thinner even when left to settle, I think it tastes great and goes down a treat.

I was in the UK for work and noticed that you sell more flavours (coffee,mint-choc and banana) and was wondering when/if you have plans to bring these to the US (they appear to be V3). Would love some out the box variation (aware you have flavour boosts but would prefer but in bags).


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Any update on this? Aware you might not have dates but just wondering if its in your plans?

Hey Micheal, I’m so sorry no one replied to your post.

Love that you’re a fan of Huel!

We always have plans to expand the US flavor range and I can tell you we have stuff in the works.

I can’t tell you much more unfortunately!