Flavour changed?

I’ve just received my usual order (gluten free original) and it tastes and even smells completely different to my last order. The packaging is exactly the same and the order number is correct, but there’s now a really strong flavour added, which is very different to the quite plain flavour I’m used to with original. Both my orders were v2.3 so I assume nothing would have changed, but there is definitely a huge difference.

Hey Andy, it looks like you might be one of our customers from across the pond. I’d suggest reaching out to team@huel.com or the UK forum (@Tim_Huel) for assistance.

Hey Andrew, sorry to hear you aren’t loving you’re most recent batch of Huel. Before we jump into a full scale investigation into this, could you confirm that nothing your end has changed. One of the main things people overlook is the effect the quality of their water has on the taste of their Huel. Have you changed from tap water to filter water or visa versa? Or perhaps moved house from a soft water to hard water location, or visa versa.

Can you confirm it is the same with all the pouches you have ordered?

If it’s all the same with you then we’ll need for you to send across your Huel to us

  • Package it up and write a note in the parcel explaining exactly who you are, what the problem is and where you contacted Huel. Please don’t send the pouch on its own with no reference.
  • Post it back to:

Huel HQ
FAO - Tim Urch
Unit 5
Midshires Business Park
Smeaton Close
HP19 8HL

  • Send us your proof of postage and we can refund you.

Hope this helps!

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