Second Order Def Tastes Different

My second order of Huel definitely tastes different than my first order. It has a wood taste this time. anyone else experience this? The both say version 1 on the bag.

I thought the Vanilla was sweeter with my first order. I wished I had saved some of the first batch so I could have confirmed if it was indeed variation or just in my head.

That’s the same case for me!

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I noticed the same thing. My theory is that maybe they had to dilute the vanilla with some UU in order to fulfill all the delayed shipments. I’m just glad my order is here now.

For what it is worth, my second order arrived well before the backorder issue, so I don’t think that was true in my case.

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@KettleBeard + @vossad01 + @Cellcubed
I’m sorry your recent order was disappointing. If you would like a refund or exchange, please email for assistance. If all of you could please send us your lot number, we can look into this further. Thanks!

this is my 3rd order and it is definitely WAY sweeter than the previous 2. it tastes like it’s loaded with sugar or maple syrup. not to mention it was also on backorder for a week just like my 2nd order. what happened?

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It tastes different; not as sweet as my first order. I inverted and shook the bag thinking that maybe it had settled and that was why it tasted different, but I did not notice any change.

I am happier that I am not the only one who noticed the difference

But, I am happy that it finally arrived.

I just got my first order and I can’t believe how sweet it is. It is sickly sweet–and I have a pretty major sweet tooth.

I agree with you. I just received my first order today, and I find that it is too sweet even though many others have described it as subtly sweet. I used about 300mL to 38grams of Huel (150 calories), so greater than the 1:5 ratio. I can’t imagine doing 127g to 500mL of water.

@k8nmodha + @hammermal36 + @Chelsea_Robinson + @paulina
As mentioned above, if you would like a refund or exchange, please email for assistance. We also ask that all of you please send us your lot number, so we can look into this further. Thanks!

I ordered four bags, two of the four bags have a clear Lot # of 92366; the other two the lot # is obscured (printing error?). Of course, the bag I am observing the different taste with has the obscured lot #. I would assume they would all be the same lot # but wanted to draw attention to the fact that two have it, and two do not.


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To clarify, my Huel does not taste sweeter; it tastes less sweet and more towards what I would imagine the unflavored would taste.

Thank you for clarifying, Rob. We are keeping track of these types of complaints and are working on getting to the bottom of this. We appreciate everyone’s help!

Not a complaint, just an observation.

Hello. I purchased my second batch of Huel after having a great first impression with my first two bags. This batch I got now tastes ok for 1 second then leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Like, “something is terribly off” here kind of taste. Has anyone else had this issue? Contacted Huel just a moment ago so I look forward to hearing from them and exchanging these bags for new ones. I even opened a second bag just to make sure it just wasnt one bad bag but even the second one tasted terrible. Lot number for bag is 93266. Hoping Huel makes this right, Im determined to make this diet work and it sucks that it looks like Im going to have to resort to solids for a week or two until they can send me new bags.

I’m on my 4th or 5th order of vanilla, and this order definitely tastes different. Not bad per se, but it’s not as sweet and has a slight burnt taste to it. Not a huge deal to me, but there is a difference.

Update: Staff replied quickly after they opened earlier today and said they would resend new bags! Thank you Huel, Im understanding mistakes happen. Seems everyone in the lot number 92366 has had issues so I feel better Im not the only person. Edit: Not everyone in that lot is having issues because I just checked my first order bag I had in the trash and its the same lot number so probably some kind of problem unrelated to the manufacturing of the powder as opposed to something post process.


This may not be the case for everyone but simply an observation of my experience: On my second order I did have at least 1 bag that I thought tasted different than before. Not necessarily bad, just different. I then realized that I had quit taking 1 medication and started 2 new ones about the same time. I believe that what I was experiencing was a change in the way I was tasting things because of the medication changes. Not saying all of you here had something like that happen to you: there very well could have been a bad batch. I’m not sure what the number on my bag was but it tastes good to me again.

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Is it just me or does the huel we are receiving taste completely different now? My second order tastes like flour or cardboard. Makes me concerned that some kind of filler was used to get my order out the door faster. Tastes terrible. My first order was great, it had a taste that everything else had described.

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