Flavor compares too

I have only been on Huel for two days, once a day. I’ve read the posts on heartburn and how chugging 3 scoops with 500ml of water can trigger it.

The thing I’ve been contemplating is the flavor though. It’s very bland, even with the vanilla flavor. However, I just knew I had tried it before somehow. At first I thought it tasted like oatmeal cookies or diet sugar cookies. But then it hit me.


Every kid who likes to lick the spoon when making cake has made the mistake of assuming the same glorious experience would come from pancakes. WRONG. Oh so wrong.

Pancake batter isn’t bad or repulsive… it’s just not what you expect. I feel like this was my experience with Huel.

On that note, banana, blueberry, strawberry, peaches, chocolate and maple syrup are all good combos with pancakes. So I guess we will try everything!

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Sorry to hear your first Huel experience wasn’t mind-blowing, Dany, but hang in there! You’ve come to right place for advice and recipes. I have been drinking Huel for 14 months now and I still find myself experimenting with new concoctions. We have a lot of helpful tips, here and delicious recipes (EVEN pancakes!), here. Hope this helps! Enjoy!