Flavor boost ratios

Am I doing something wrong? I am using the vanilla as recommend it, but when I add a sleeper, I have to add twice as much. Can I add the half a teaspoon as recommended, I can taste it a tiny bit, but the vanilla mostly over powers it. I have used them in chocolate chip and the Apple cinnamon. I really like both flavors a lot, but I just wish I knew what was happening here, or if I really do need twice as much? Also, it does it depend on the flavor whether you need twice as much? I also have the caramel, which I ordered by mistake, but I might as well keep it. I was going to get the chocolate Huel when I run out of this batch but I would want to taste both the chocolate and the caramel, so in that case, would I then use the recommended amount? With these other flavors like the mint chocolate chip and the Apple cinnamon, I do not want to taste the vanilla if that makes sense.

Since taste is so subjective and everyone makes their Huel a little differently, serving size will vary from person to person. Personally, I add a decent amount of water which can lighten the flavor so I use extra flavor boost to help bring it out more. We’ve seen that typically, with chocolate flavors, it can take a little more to get the desired flavor across, which is why those pouches recommend 3g vs. 2g serving sizes.

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Yes, I do know that taste is subjective. I was just trying to figure out if other people have had to use more, or if I am just weird and can’t taste it? Yes, I will continue to use more, but I was wondering if either people will. I estimate that each flavor boost will last me for two bags of Huel, Which still isn’t bad. It is still way more convenient than having to make my own flavors and I don’t even know how I would make mint chocolate chip anyways. But I definitely am not going to be getting that 75 servings that is described. It is also really weird because the mint flavor comes through really well, but it is the chocolate flavor that I was having trouble with. I want mint chocolate, not mint vanilla. That is why I had to use more. The Apple cinnamon it was the same. The cinnamon flavor came through really well, but the Apple flavor wasn’t coming and I want Apple cinnamon, Not vanilla cinnamon. I was actually thinking of flavoring an entire pouch at once because then I can just get a scoop out and it will already be flavored for me. I really love the mint chocolate chip though. I do wish that some savory flavors would come out though like herb mushroom soup, Creamy potato and lentil, or cucumber soup. Cucumber soup is actually traditionally eaten cold anyways. With the other flavors that I suggested, I think they would taste good cold or hot. From what I know, I think the French actually eat cold potato soup. I made a recipe from Julia Childs for a potato leek soup, and at the recipe said to serve it cold. I did not like it cold, so I warmed it up, but you can actually have these things cold. They do you have things like mushroom and potato powder, and if you can make things like apple cinnamon, it can’t be that hard to make the flavors. Of course, I know you would not be preserving any of the nutrition of it and it is just for the flavor. We aren’t talking about some expensive mushroom extract that preserves all of the immune boosting properties of the mushroom. We are just talking about a flavoring.