Will banana Huel powder v3.0 be offered in the US?

And also, in general, why are certain flavors only offered in certain countries?

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At the moment we are not offering Banana Huel powder in the U.S. yet, but we recommend to be on the lookout for any updates from us! :eyes:

In terms of flavors being available in some countries and others not, there are a variety of reasons from ingredient sourcing to making sure it meets with he country Food & Health guidelines, production & if our customers from that country are fans of it or will be. :nerd_face:

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Best way to figure outt what kind of flavors people would want to try is post a poll. Offer several options and create the top two…
As for banans, those can be had everywhere. I enjoy them…often. In shakes, with peanut butter, in pancakes, on oatmeal.
A banana creme pie flavor would be a sure winner. Nila wafer?! Maybe.
Created a topic a couple days ago titled ‘Flavor Town’ talking about new flavors that’d probably drink well in shake or H&S form. Take a peek


Thank you Nacho for those tips! A poll is a good idea! I will be peeking through your post as well! Very helpful!