Available products in the US


I somehow managed to find myself on the UK site and was wondering when all of the amazing other flavor boosts and products will be available in the US? There are some yummy looking boosts on there!


Well, with a name like @englishrose87 and English Meadows, you were probably just drawn naturally to the UK site instead. :wink: We have been working hard (and doing more taste tests than you can imagine) since Huel’s launch in the US last summer to bring delicious flavors to our US market. In January, we released five really awesome flavors and plan to come out with more and more flavors and other exciting things as we continue to grow. Perfection takes time, but rest assured, we’re doing our absolute best to get all this fun stuff to our dedicated Huelers ASAP. :clap:


Hi there, englishrose! I’m in the same boat as you. I’m in the USA but get UK updates. I’m extremely eager to start buying Huel granola!



RIGHT! I soooo want to try the Rhubarb and Custard, the Toffee too. I’ll just keep all my fingers and toes crossed but I don’t see the Rhubarb and Custard making the leap across the pond.


I’ve tried ordering the UK flavors and having them shipped to the US, but you eventually find Huel UK won’t ship to the US. I know there would be forwarding services I could use, but it gets to expensive at that point.


I’m super curious about some of the flavor boosts available there :thinking: the rhubarb!? Whuuuuut. I also really need an enameled mug​:heart_eyes:


Berry flavored Huel :slight_smile: