First Week on (mostly) Huel

Hey all!
I started Huel Last Friday after finally pulling the trigger on trying to get my weight and health back in line.
I ordered the Chocolate and Strawberry Shortcake Black bags along side the Sweet and Sour and Mexican Chili H&S bags.
I decided I’d use Huel for my meals as much as possible (which has been all but 3 or so meals this week).
I have to say, I’m pretty impressed.
I actually really like the Black flavors. Both mixed with almond milk, the chocolate with some Jot Coffee concentrate is amazing in the mornings.
The H&S are good. Mexican Chili is actually pretty delicious. Sweet and Sour is just ok, but once I add some Dave’s seasoning, it’s elevated a lot.
I’ve been on a probiotic since before and during Huel, so I haven’t experienced the stomach issues that some people do (thank goodness).

The only issue I’ve come across is a few days of really low energy. Though, I admit this is completely my doing. I’ve been purposely running a calorie deficit and this past week happened to be one of my most active yet (not by my choice mind you). So I probably should have had some more on a couple of days, but otherwise, I’ve felt great.

The best part has been that my acid reflux is gone already. That has been such a huge health benefit already.

Also, thanks to the great Huel team for their help. The shipping got a little weird but they took care of everything. Really awesome team.

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Hey @JCall - welcome to the US Huel Forum!

Firstly, thank you so much for sharing a bit of your story and experience. Really glad to hear that Huel has been able to help and that you’ve had a great experience with our team too. :heart:

Spot on - likely if you were not taking in enough energy/calories, your energy levels would be a bit lower. You want to be sure you’re fueling your body throughout the day and taking in extra nutrients on days where you may be a bit more active too (as much as possible). Also, be sure you’re staying hydrated as this can play a role!

Is there any specific reasoning for this or was it more from an ease/convenience standpoint?

Keep us posted on how everything is going too. Looking forward to hearing about it! :grin: