First Shipment Lost?

I got a fed ex tracking number and nothing has changed besides label created and the product is supposed to be here tomorrow. I ordered Monday.


I’ll get in contact with our fulfilment team and see if there is anything holding back your order. Typically FedEx tracking can take 24-48 hours to update.

Thank you, I appreciate it.



Your order will be delivered tomorrow. Let me know if I can help you with anything else :slight_smile:

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I received my package today. Everything was packaged great and I’m excited to give Huel a try. The XL shirt is way to big, I was wondering if I could swap it out for a large on my next order.

Sure thing @Mossy.oak93514

Expect a large t-shirt in a few days! And you don’t even have to return the XL t-shirt you received :slight_smile:

Having the same issue Order #151851 Second shipping label no status was due today about ready to give up and try someone else

Hey @Michael

I’ll get back to you ASAP on the status. Looks like the label is still pending.

They took care of me as soon as I posted, I was a little disheartened but the wait was worth it. Customer service is great and the product is excellent. You won’t be disappointed! I’m ordering again soon.

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Hi @Michael Just wanted to give you an update.

Your order should show tracking now. It looks like it will arrive sometime Friday.

It is tracking now thank you

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I’ve had the same issue with three packages… for three months… I contacted their shipping company the first time; the representative lied to me and claimed they would mail it USPS to my P.O. Box, but I never received it. Then, I was charged for a second delivery yet never received the product; I contacted support, and had a similar experience, all in written email, the package was again mailed UPS so I did not receive it. Then I was charged again this month for a package I will not receive… I’m currently enrolled in an intensive language course as a student in Los Angeles; I.e. I’m literally on campus twelve hours a day with a three hour commute via public transit. I do not have time to chase packages because of Huel’s laziness/negligence. It seems like Huel does not care that every time they lie to me and mail the package without regard to where they are shipping it to, yet charge me for the product, it creates a huge difficulty in my life. I’m now out nearly $200 with no meals received… requesting a fuel refund now. They can chase their own damn packages in the mail.

Having the same issue Order #16152. I only recieved the order number but not a tracking number OR shipment?? Its been 3 days with notification on the order.

I got just got the lost shipment.

how do I pay for the lost shipment

Thank you for the new shirt, extra scoops and shaker! I just got it today. I really appreciate the outstanding customer service.


Hey @Mario_Ruiz

Did you end up receiving an email with your tracking number? I just checked on this for you and your shipment is set to be delivered to you today! :slight_smile:

Hey @Michael.

Don’t worry about it this time! We’re just happy you received your order. :+1:

Hi my shipment has been lost, trying to reach customer support but no response.

They aren’t open on weekends. So if you’ve sent an email to customer service this weekend, they’ll likely see it Monday.

Hi Sai, your replacement order is processing and should ship soon. :blush: