Problems with delivery

Hi everyone. I ordered August 18, Huel took the money but I still haven’t packade. Did any of you have this situation?

NOPE, but you should contact the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc) who should be able to update you on where your package is. Most of the carriers these days offer a tracking service that you can sign up for, that will email you updates on where your package is in the delivery process. Sounds like you should sign up for one.

If the carrier doesn’t know where your package is, or if they tell you that it has already been delivered, ask for a receipt of delivery. They might have dropped it off at the wrong address, or you might have accidentally mistyped a number and got your order sent somewhere else…

After you have tried the aforementioned steps, contact Customer Support with Huel and ask them if they have any shipping details. Work on finding a solution from there.

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I don’t get package number. How I can contact with carrier???

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It’s a joke??? You sent me a different person delivered recipe. Today I go report this to the police

When you placed your order you should have been sent an email verification. It would have told you which carrier was delivering your package. Most likely USPS. Contact your local post office and give them your information, they will help you find your package.


Okay. So just give me my parcel number.

right…that’s your ‘tracking’ number. go to and click on the link to Track Package and type that number in. you will be shown a complete history of where your package was shipped from up to where it is currently sitting.

I told you. I didn’t receive any tracking number!


Are you in the US? Did you receive an email telling you that your order had shipped? If you go to your account page on the Huel website and look at your most recent order, what is the status?

(By the way, the people who have answered you so far are not Huel representatives. Hopefully one will be along soon.)

You might want to delete that attachment now. You don’t want your address hanging around. So, did you get an email saying “Good news, your order is on it’s way!” ?. When my order is fulfilled, I get that email and at the very bottom, above the social media icons, is Delivery Information which includes a “Track Shipment” link. If you don’t have that you will have to wait for an official rep to respond, maybe @Tyler_Huel will be by soon.

Yes, I get that email. But you see. Is not icon track shipment

Please contact with me in private message. At this moment this looks like normal scam. No phone number, no contact. I wrote few mails to support and I get response with delivered recipe for a different person in different State. Seriously??

It’s not a scam. I’ve been a customer for years, as have many here. I’m sorry you have to go through this, and I hope you get a helpful response soon. It sounds like a complete mess and you need to have a proper conversation with someone. Yes, there really should be a phone number. If you don’t get satisfaction soon, you can contact your credit card company. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

At the very bottom of that email should be a link to the tracking.

yo, relax. don’t need to be a “Huel representative” to offer someone logical advice.

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Hi @Kubinio! I will DM you with a private message your tracking number. Your order was marked as delivered by FedEx on the 28th.