First Month Experience

I started Huel at the beginning of January. I often am rushing to get something for lunch - this leads to endless burgers and crappy food. I decided to give Huel a go as an experiment to see how I felt. I have had three scoops with water for 24 days at lunch during the past five weeks. Every few times I’ll add a banana and blueberries and blend it but usually its straight out of the shaker. I have had any gastro issues and the taste is pleasant. I do get very hungry by dinner time. Since switching I have felt fantastic, I have less bloating, much higher energy in the afternoon, and I don’t have that urge to eat crap during the day. This is exactly what I wanted when I got my first bags. I recommend giving it a try.

Side note- I did try huel for breakfast and lunch when starting out but I got way to hungry in the afternoon. I also made it with espresso blended in the morning. It was good and I would consider it for a quick breakfast.


Woo hoo! Love to hear a successful start to a Huel journey.

As always, let us know if you have any question or want any tips :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The likely reason you get to hungry is that your depleting your carbohydrate stores if you just add a bit of carbs to help with the cravings thru the week trying to go to just what huel provides you will likely loose that extra appetite.