First impressions of Huel Black Edition from a meal replacement newbie

I’m brand new to this whole concept, figured I’d share my first impressions in case anyone’s looking for assurance:

  1. Blending is better. If you just shake and drink it’s a little grainy (but fine in a pinch). If you can, get one of those “bullet” blenders with big enough capacity (500ml+) and throw a few ice cubes in with the water and powder. Only takes 1 minute to dump ingredients in and blend, and if you run the parts under water right after, the clean-up is nothing. Make it in the morning and drink on your drive to work or keep it in the (office) fridge til lunch. Quick re-shake before drinking.
  2. It really does satisfy my hunger completely. No desire to snack or supplement when replacing lunch.
  3. Chocolate and coffee caramel are both pretty good flavors. Will try banana and strawberry next.
  4. No gas or bad feelings at all, good “bathroom experience” so far.
  5. Home delivery was fast and good in middle US.
  6. Price is right near the high-mark of acceptable at $3-ish per “meal.”

Overall satisfied with everything.

About me: near 40 years old, 175 lbs, office worker, replacing mostly fast-food lunches with Huel to improve healthiness and save on daily spending while keeping the convenience/time factor.

Cheers, Huel!

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