Great first impression overall (anxiety/depression meal substitute)

I’m not a health nut by any means, let’s start with that.

I’ve been looking into meal replacement shakes for a short while now. I have anxiety and depression, so remembering to eat at proper intervals and not eating everything in the kitchen were my primary concerns.

I placed my order Thursday afternoon and received my shipment Saturday afternoon. I was extremely impressed considering how many posts I had read about people not receiving their orders until weeks later. I got the starter pack, and the only thing I didn’t receive was the shaker, but that’s no big deal - my boyfriend has like a dozen, so I’ve just been using his.

A full serving of Huel was way too much for me. I’ve been sticking to two scoops (about 300g) mixed with two cups of vanilla soymilk. I’ve let it sit in the fridge anywhere from an hour to 12 hours after mixing and the flavor is great either way. It doesn’t have the artificial sweetner taste I’ve seen some people complain about (I don’t think it does, at least).

The ONLY issue I’ve had (and this is purely my own take) is the texture. It has the consistency of puréed oatmeal and granola. Again, I really don’t mind the taste, but the texture definitely takes some getting used to. I didn’t shake it well enough the first time and almost gagged when I got a small clump of the powder. Obviously I haven’t made that mistake since.

I’m drinking it at work as we speak. It definitely feels most fitting as a breakfast/brunch/lunch substitute, so I’ll probably stick with it to replace those meals.


Hi @itscolemanman!

I wish you much success as a new Hueler :blush:

You could try adding a bit of additional liquid to thin it out more. I started it 12 days ago and I did play around initially until I got it to the best consistency for me. Good luck to you! Welcome!

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I hope this is a typo because a full serving is 127g, so if you are using 300g of powder you’re consuming 2.5 servings. Also that much in 2 cups of soymilk would be thicker than pudding. :slight_smile:


That was definitely a typo. :joy: I meant it comes out to about 300 calories. Overthought the post and forgot to proof-read. Whoops. :sweat_smile:

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