First Impressions and My Anti-Clump Mixing Tip - Crushed Ice

I drink Huel for one reason only - I am incredibly lazy about the food I eat. The faster and easier the better. With this in mind I have no wherewithal to add flavors or experiment with banana’s etc. This meant that it had to be palatable as a strait mix with water. I just finished my first two bags and…

First impression: “Oh, my God, maybe I can use the rest of the mix for paper-mache glue or to stiffen the fabric on my bi-plane wing.” I kept with it for a few more days and I went through tolerating it to actually liking it. It is kind of like a mildly sweet wheat-germ shake. My wife never did acquire a taste for it and mentioned something about being in a lifeboat the next time she tries it. A two scoop shake kept me as sated as a hamburger and fries. That said…

The clumps were punishing. So what I learned. I filled the cup to about 15oz. topped that with a layer of crushed ice which comes easily enough from my ice dispenser. Now the important part. Toss in your 2 scoops and IMMEDIATELY CAP AND SHAKE - WITHOUT THE STRAINER. The longer the Huel sits in water without being agitated, the more likely it will clump. The crushed ice does a pretty good job of breaking up the clumps and, obviously, chills the stuff which definitely improves it. The strainer just limits the room for agitation and clogs up when drinking the stuff anyway.

I don’t know, guess it just depends on how one shakes it. For me, if it doesn’t have the strainer, that’s the only time I get clumps (I’ve forgotten it at home a few times).

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@Radarc58 - Here are my 2 cents.

I used to fill mine to 14 or 15 oz., add ice and then try to add my 2 scoops. I always had issues with not enough room for the Powder at that point. I would have to be really careful tapping the powder down to put the strainer & cap on.

What I do now is to fill the shaker to about 8 to 10 oz., add ice, then easily add my 2 scoops + about another 1/3 scoop, then put the strainer on, the cap on, and top the water off until it fills to the black lid. Then I shake the heck out of it for about 20 - 30 seconds. That process works great for me. After I shake it, I check the water level and make sure it’s filled up to the cap.

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The clumps are the worst. Glad you found a solution that works for you!

For my lunch shake, I was putting my H in snack ziplock bags and mixing with room temp water. I discovered that it clumped far less than using cold tap water. I could add crushed ice after the fact. I also mix my morning H with coffee and it mixes pretty well.