First Experiences


First time using any type of meal replacement. Switching from a vegetarian diet to 90% Huel.
First 2 days body adjustment due to different type of food source. But after 5 days, body seems to have adjusted well.

Taste, unflavoured version, in my opinion is good. May want to add different flavours at times to mix it up now and again.

Once mixed, using provided shaker bottle, the drink is slightly gritty, but nothing substantial using a full cup of powder. After a while of sitting, it does separate some.

For the scoop, I switched to a metal 1/2 cup measuring cup due to simplicity, as well as cutting down on the static from plastic scoop.

For me personally, I have saved a fair bit on groceries this week using Huel. Much more well rounded nutritionally than having to purchase many different types of vegetables to get all of my daily nutrients.

Will order again, and even recommend to others.


Love it! Welcome to the Huel life, Nicholas! :tada: