YAFTUR (Yet Another First-Time User Report)

Yet another first-time user report. I tried a tub of Soylent a couple of weeks ago and while it was ok I was excited to find Huel. It’s has no soy, so my daughter can have it, and it has so much less sugar. I was excited to give it a try.

First day got off to a stumbling start. I prepared two shaker bottles the night before and put them in the fridge like I had with Soylent. Mistake! The next morning was like trying to suck pudding through a straw. I left the other shaker in my backpack, hoping it would warm up and thin out. Half right, it got warmer but no thinner.

Second day I made two shakers in the morning. I drank one immediately for breakfast, it was gritty and chunky. Took the second one to work and put it in the fridge and waited for lunch. Success! It was smooth and not too thick.

Day three I used a Nutribullet to mix up my breakfast batch, another success. Lunch was likewise successful. I think I have the hang of it now!

I wasn’t prepared for the taste, though. I got the vanilla (I think, that’s what the package says, anyway) but it just tastes like oatmeal to me. I wanted less sugar, and I guess that’s what I got, I didn’t realize how much the taste would change. I’ve been using various protein drinks for years and they’ve all been much more flavorful than Huel. Probably also had a lot more sugar I guess. I don’t dislike the taste, but I wasnt expecting… whatever flavor this is.

Overall a win, I’ll stick with it through the two bags I have now, then see if I want to start a subscription. I probably will, unless there’s some delayed-onset issue ( no flatulence/nausea/bloating issues with me).

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If you are still looking for sweet you can always add a teaspoon of honey or use some flavourings that contain no calories.

I actually liked how subtle the flavor was. It also makes it easy to add small amounts of other foods to change up the flavor! So far I have tried a banana, the chocolate-mint flavor boost, and coffee/almond milk. All were great and I didn’t have to add a ton of extra calories to change up the flavor!

I also tried using the blender one day - it definitely makes a difference in the texture, as does having just the right amount of time in the fridge. You can also try varying the amount of water you are using; so far I find I like mine a little thicker.

Way to stick with it and find what works for you! Originally you were getting too thick of a consistency due to Huel being oat-based. Basically, letting it sit will allow it to thicken, somewhat like overnight oats. Glad to hear you have it down pat now! Have a great weekend. :slight_smile: