Feedback related to my current shipment

Hi - I just wanted to share my feedback here.

Last Friday, I placed my second order. I was extremely excited to take the mac & cheese to the office and show that to my colleagues. While using FaceID to pay, I saw that the shipment info associated with my Apple Pay was incorrect (I live in Seattle, but recently I ordered a gift to my relative’s house in Oregon so it was using an address in OR). I tried to shut down the phone, but the transaction went through.

The same minute, I messaged Huel via FB messenger and explained the situation. I did not want to wait for another month before I came down to Oregon again. The team responded immediately and told me they would get back to me. While waiting to hear back, I got a notification saying the label was created with UPS. I even explored an option myself to see if I could route it to Seattle by paying UPS directly. I got a response back the next day that the original package was requested to be “returned to sender” and my order would be shipped to the correct (current) address.

I still have that UPS tracking number. This is interesting:

I contacted Huel on Feb 10, got a response on Feb 11, but based on the UPS tracking, the package was scanned on Feb 13. The new email I got on Valentine’s day said my Huel is on the way (with USPS). As of now Friday 16, 6:15 PM PST, the USPS is still “USPS Awaiting Item”.

I am not here to complain because it was my fault. I am just wondering what your process to handle this is typically. During that time I got a message back from Huel, the package had not been picked up yet with the status “returned to sender”. It is just interesting that after so many days, it was still picked up by UPS, going all the way to Oregon and now being routed it back?

I hope you are not waiting to get everything back from UPS first before you can ship the items via USPS for me.