Hostage Huel - Customer Service AWOL

Trying to be dramatic here in order to get the attention of a Huel employee, hah.

I ordered a shipment of Huel on the 8th - I live in Hawaii so I had to pay a shipping fee, while the estimated delivery was 5 days. I’m now on day 10 and still nothing. Order #567154

Turns out the package was being held at a delivery center in the area awaiting further information from me - but no one told me, so it was just sitting there for days.

I called again today and they said I either had to pick it up at a location 30 minutes away, or Huel has to be the one to authorize them to change the delivery address to a FedEx location closer to me. I’ve had Huel shipped to this same address multiple times in the past and it’s never been an issue.

We all know customer service takes days to respond (though I have emailed about this) but it seems they’re more active on here. If they had a customer service call line, surely that would be more efficient for everyone?

Anywayssssssss, hoping to at the very least get a refund on the shipping fee, but I also really don’t have time to take from a 60 hour work week to drive an hour to pick up the package.

Release my hostage Huel! hahah


Hey Michelle! Thanks for striving to grab our attention here :muscle:t3: I do see now that your FedEx tracking number shows your package is on a truck scheduled to be delivered today! One of my team members sent you over that tracking number via email yesterday.

#GetMichellesOrderReleased is now a go. I’m on the case! I’m going to follow-up via email as well just so we can 100% confirm this package gets to you right away. And of course, I’ll do my best to make up for any inconveniences experienced along the way :slight_smile: Have a lovely rest of your day and chat soon!