To Conquer Food Vices

I decided to get Huel back in August to have to make as my “lunch” meals for work (I’m night shift so I’m pretty much 12 hours off from everyone that I live around). I was doing it because I am lazy. Food and I have a love-hate relationship. I love eating and making food, but I hate how little self control I tend to have while eating. I also hate doing dishes so I wanted to simplify my lunches. I got the starter pack (2 bags, shirt, shaker, and scoop) and quickly realised how much I enjoyed the ease. I also was wanting to start losing weight and trying to get into shape because my fat makes me look like a 14-year old boy even though I’m nearly 25. I want to feel better about my health and weight. I looked into using Huel 100%, lurked about this discourse forum as well as input into a few threads. I had found out I didn’t much like Unflavored and am definitely a Vanilla Hueler.

I decided to make the leap and started incorporating more Huel into my diet sometime in September and by mid-ish October I was basically 100% Huel (I can’t give up my occasional popcorn snack). I have stuck to this since then. I was around 160 lb at the beginning of October. I weighed myself sometime in November and was about 154 lb. Now here at the beginning of December, I weighed myself this morning because I felt stagnant only to see 148 lb on the scale. It was a huge boost to my mood after a long night at work. There are days that I still struggle (heck, last week gave in and made potstickers), but Huel gives me a way to control my habits a lot better than previously. I almost have an empty kitchen now so it’s even easier when all you mostly have is Huel to eat so I can’t get tempted to eat other things. But those cravings have decreased in intensity greatly. I now mostly only have them when it’s been a stressful day at work and I’m just wanting to eat my stress away.

I know Huel is just meant as a complete nutritional food and that’s it. It’s what I enjoy about the “branding” because I think claims to being a weight loss product or what not are ridiculous. I just know that I am getting all the nutrients I need for the day, and I can easily control my calories through Huel. I appreciate Huel being Huel. After I improve my food habits, maybe I can get around to changing my mind about exercise as well. For the time being, I’m content to just work on this food vice. I hope to share updates from time to time. I like to drop by every once in a while and see how everyone else is doing in their own journeys as well and see who is new to “town.”


Woo hoo! Thanks for sharing your journey :slight_smile:

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You do you while Huel does Huel. :sunglasses: Thanks for stopping by and giving us an update!

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Hoo. Did a lot of other people struggle with the holidays? I wasn’t even visiting family but I got very off track on my Huel diet. People at work were bringing in all sorts of cookies and candy, and the company I work for gave us a check coupon for $27 worth of turkey or ham. I was thinking of just donating mine so I wouldn’t get tempted, but my living situation means that free food is a godsend to save a little bit of money. I ended up cooking a 13.8 lb turkey on the 25th and then using the meat and things to make a variety of meals. It was so tasty and made it very difficult to eat Huel. I didn’t want to eat Huel when I knew I had tasty chili that I could warm up and eat on a cold winter day. Now that I’ve run out of that food, I’m setting myself back to return to Huel, but it’s been difficult. I’m sitting at 144.5 lb so I didn’t get completely off track as I did still lose some weight during December which was the one good surprising thing. I didn’t lose control as much as I thought I had.

Yup. Work was a mindfield for me too, but I expected it. Still drank Huel but also had more sweets than I should have. Back on track in Jan though!

LOL, I don’t even try to watch my weight over the holidays, it just ruins them so much. I no longer gorge on cookies and fudge like I did when I was a kid, but I eat what I want when I want from Thanksgiving until New Years. I had lost 20 pounds in about two months prior to Thanksgiving, and put five of that back on over the holidays. Now it’s three weeks into the new year and I’m back down to where I was, and on track to lose some more in the coming weeks. If you’re hung up on maintaining a constant rate of weight loss then do what you have to do, but I’m playing the long game and figure I’d rather have a few hiccups on the way than be miserable and resent my progress.

Eh. I wouldn’t have cared too much if I gained a little weight but it was nice to see that I could get off track a little and still end up losing weight. Most of the off track part was not eating Huel almost at all and so I had lost some of my tolerance to Huel. The gas and diarrhea have come back in brute force so I’m having to reintroduce Huel as if I had never eaten it before.

I do wish I could let loose at times. Sure, I know there will be some hiccups along my journey, but since a lot of mine is trying to reclaim my food habits, eating whatever for a month and a half would not do well for me. Heck, talked to a co-worker about kimchee and couldn’t help but pick some up on my grocery run since I missed that spicy, savory kimchee flavor. That’s okay. It’s a one off thing and I can try to enjoy it in some small portions. I’d just rather keep my “cheat days” spread out.