Time to get off this fast food madness trip

I’m 53 yrs old, 6’ tall 370 lbs and all i eat is fast food Mcdonalds for breakfast, local pizza place for lunch and where ever I haven’t ate at lately for dinner… I just ordered my first huel package going to try and replace breakfast and lunch with huel in hopes of losing some weight and getting healthier… Hope to gain some energy about myself to get more motivated to get more active… I’ve been reading allot positive stuff about huel for awhile now and i figure its about time to try it for myself


Do set realistic expectations. The food you describe is engineered to exploit our sense of yummy; repeated exposure conditions us into wanting only/more of that stuff.

It might take a few days to break the addiction. It’s worth it though.

With the money you save, you can afford to set yourself some rewards for reaching goals. :slight_smile:


As @miked pointed out realistic expectations are very helpful to avoid disappointments. Also realistic and specific goals.

  • Losing weight. How much? Do you care about time ( i would recommend not)? Do you have a plan on how to do this, how to approach this?

  • Getting healthier. What does that mean for you? Is it a feeling? Is it doing more activity/sport? Is it achieving a specific challenge?

  • What do you expect to get out of this whole experience? To change some meals? To get to a certain point? to change your lifestyle?

If you are looking to lose weight and become healthier in overall terms it will not be as easy as just drinking Huel. It is a deeper more complex (do not get scared by this!) process where you need to change your lifestyle and not only the diet. The way you approach and think about certain things.

This is from another thread I posted about Huel and losing weight:
Can I use Huel to lose weight?

  • Yes, it can be a tool to do so.
  • Advantages: It helps you to track calories (very important), it has good nutritional balance, should be filling enough, you can be on top of your diet if you are honest.
  • Disadvantages: You might get tired if you only eat Huel, it is just a tool not what is going to make you lose weight.

The last point is the most important thing WHAT IS GOING TO MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT?

  • Calories IN/OUT. Yes. You need a caloric deficit
  • However, losing weight is not just about eating less or changing your diet. It is about changing your lifestyle and habits. If you just “diet” you will end up gaining back all the weight you lose eventually. Or giving up on your diet. Here is a very good video that will help you understanding this and making a mind shift to get ready to lose weight.
    I strongly recommend it.

Now how to do it short version:
1- calculate amount of calories you need (MFP).
2- Reduce calories by 100kcal ( you can put lose 0.5kg or 1lb in MFP). This is important since you might need to gradually increase.
3- Weight yourself (take picture, trust it helps).
4- Weight yourself next week. See how you progress. You didn’t lose any weight? If it is week one be honest with yourself and think about what you did wrong. Keep going.
5- Increase deficit by another 100kcal whenever you hit a plateau)
6- Achieve your Goal.

Important remarks.
a) This is a Marathon, not a sprint. You had a bad day? You cheated? This week it wasn’t so good? IT DOES NOT MATTER, KEEP GOING. Think what a day means in one year. Don’t throw away you efforts and keep going.
b) Sports ALWAYS help. Cardio, weights, walking, cycling. Is there anything you like then do it.
c) Being active overall helps.
d) Be honest to yourself

You can do it. Belief on you. YES Huel will help you, but is all up to you. And watch the video

Other resources you might find useful:

Good luck on your journey


Wow, awesome advice - thanks @miked and @latestfuels! The only thing I’ll add in here is our helpful guide on weight loss with Huel. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress, Kevin!


Although Huel is not a diet product, it has helped many of us lose excess body fat. (Huel can certainly be used for bulking up or for anyone of any size.) I view Huel as a convenient part of a comprehensive healthy diet. As a natural consequence of it’s well-rounded makeup of nutrients people who are overweight will often lose weight while substituting fast food meals with a Huel meal. It’s not magic. But rather, it’s based on being a lower glycemic index food which, in turn, blunts the pancreatic insulin response verses a typical fast-food meal. It also digests slower and has more fiber, causing people to feel satisfied longer and be able to go longer before needing another meal.

However, just be aware that you will have a transition period. This will not be like what you’ve been eating. You may have to force yourself to do the Huel for a few days until you can fully judge whether or not you can do it long term. But if you want to make changes, it will involve doing things that you may not like at first. Rest assured, you can change your food cravings if you keep practicing at it.

Huel and intermittent fasting… helped me so much. I’m 42 and I’m now as lean and fit as my high school self.