Is it safe to consume huel that's one to two years past expiration?

I purchased about a year’s worth of Huel back in 2021, but I ended up traveling overseas to provide long term care for my parents. I have quite a few bags that were left in storage, and it would seem like a waste to toss the dozen or so out.

Would it be wise to simply repurchase the bags, or is it generally safe to consume?

Bag information:

LOT: BC21102
EXP: MAY/2022

Any insight is kindly appreciated!


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Would it be safe? Probably. The nutritional profile may be degraded. I don’t really know though that’s just a guess. I had the same thing recently I found 3 bags that expired almost 2 years ago. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it just be better for me to throw the bags away and just buy new ones so I know I’m getting an accurate nutritional profile?

I could be wrong about everything.

Throw the bags away just buy new ones.

But if you don’t and you use them anyways, be sure to let us know if it is not safe for future reference.

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Ouch, a dozen bags is a lot of $$ to throw away.

Does it smell right?

I also am curious if you do 1 scoop as a test, do you notice anything different from fresh?

I would try it.

I think it’s fine but as mentioned, slight nutrient degradation is likely. It would be a shame to waste all that.

Our recommendation is not to consume it.

As a couple of others have said, technically Huel doesn’t ‘go off’ however the nutrients will start to degrade after this period.