Expired Huel from 2019

I have sealed Huel bags from 2019 that were purchased to try and help me lose weight.
I have moved twice since then, and they got put at the back of cupboards. I didn’t know this product would expire that fast because it is powder based and sealed but it seems the date is “best before” Jan 2019". It’s not a “Use By”.

I want to give Huel a go, Infact I never did try it. Both the bags are sealed still
Would it be bad for me to use these?

I’ve seen online that the date on the bag is more of a “Best Before” type of situation as it is only a few months old by that date, but that Huel (even in sealed form) should not be consumed beyond a year from the batch date. So for a batch from 2019, I would say it is too ripe unfortunately.

This is what I went by when my own Huel expired a few years ago the first time I tried it. I am not a Huel rep though so I am curious what they will say.

Hey @MarcSimpson88,
I would probably suggest not have any of that Huel!
The vitamins degrade over time so that they won’t be nutritionally complete and just overall won’t be the best choice to eat!
If you need any help hoping back on the horse drop us an email at support@huel.com!