How long is an opened bag of Huel good for?

I’ve had some Huel sitting for a couple of months. I seem to recall that it should be good for six months once opened. Can anyone confirm that?

Yeap, can confirm David.

uh why would it not be good for longer? It is dried and seems like it could be used for MRE if there was a “situation”.

It’s mainly because of the exposure to oxygen. Some of the vitamins and minerals are particular sensitive to the environment so will degrade over time.

As the expiry date on the pack is a best before, Huel should still be fine to eat beyond that date, it’s just the nutritional profile will not be optimum.

right. i was going to post what Dan just said about the oxidation. the particulates that float around in the air will degrade most foods left out, or that are exposed to “the elements” for long periods of time.
what i do, that hopefully will make the product last longer in case i can’t use it within the suggested time, is after i make my shake i close the bag and leave about a two inch hole open towards the end. i then squeeze all of the air out of the bag to prevent degradation and seal the bag. yup yup