Still waiting for customer service

I’m still waiting to hear back from customer service to assist me. Sent a couple of emails and DMs in reply to a post, but got nothing back yet.

How long does it typically take for customer service to reply to emails and DMs?

Hi @JordanD! Hmm, that’s so odd. I actually see two of my team members, Micka and Domenique, responded to both of your emails last Thursday! If you weren’t able to receive those emails for whatever reason I would be more than happy to forward their responses along to you again.

Let me know if you’re able to locate their responses! If not, I’ll get an email sent your way soon😁

Good morning Christian. Thanks for the reply. I got the response from Domenique, however she was helping me with something else on the forums that i replied to, and unfortunately i haven’t heard back yet.
If it helps, here’s the post i’m referring to: Expirations date on my Huel?. I just wanted to know if there’s something that can be done for that. Domenique asked me to reach out, however i wasn’t sure exactly where to send the email to. So i replied to her comment and tried sending a DM as well, with the information.

Hi there again @JordanD😁 Ah, okay understood! I’ll send you over an email right now so we can get your questions sorted.

Have a wonderful day :sunny:

Perfect, thanks! I replied to your email, i hope that’s a correct way to follow up.

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