Expired Huel safe to use?

I have a bag of Huel that got opened then not used and expired October 2021. Will this be fine to consume? Is there credit I can get for a new bag? I’d like to start using Huel again.


I’d imagine that an opened bag that expired in October 2021 should be discarded. It would be great to know how long an opened bag should be considered safe though!

Asking for a credit on a bag that you purchased and didn’t consume before it expired? Seems like a really odd request.

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Hey @Kctone - sorry I missed this one!

Great question! Huel is food and as a result, the ingredients degrade over time. Thus, beyond the expiration date on the back of the bag, we cannot guarantee the quality of the product or advise its consumption. So sorry about that.

I’ve also just sent you a direct message to assist you further. :slight_smile:

Yes, you are correct! We would not advise consumption.

Huel Black Edition has a shelf life of 13 months from production. Once opened, this changes to 6 months. We dive into the shelf life of more of our products too on this page, if you are interested.

Hope that helps!

Thank you @Charlotte_Huel ! Much appreciated.

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