Nutrition labels are identical

I notice on the nutrition page the list of ingredients, nutritional values, etc are all identical for all Huel types.

Gluten free Huel has oats.

Is this right?

Yes, the nutritional profiles are the same. We do have a gluten-free version of Huel for those with a particular medical need or sensitivity that requires certified gluten-free products only. For people who simply try to avoid gluten as a dietary preference, there is no wheat nor any wheat gluten in the standard version of Huel, but it does not carry the gluten-free stamp simply because it is not manufactured in 100% certified gluten-free facilities, not transported in completely gluten-free trucks, etc.

Hopefully this answers your question. If you need anything else, please let us know.

I have been taking the regular Huel for months now and I am experiencing weight gain over and above what I’m comfortable with and I exercise daily and eat clean around my Huel consumption. I was going to try Huel gluten free because I feel a huge amount of bloating from Huel and stomach irritation at moments or it’ll make me go use the restroom almost immediately every time. So from what I’m reading about the Gluten Free option is it’s not really a difference, it’s the same product? You said the original is wheat and or wheat gluten free but you can place the label of gluten free because it’s not made in a gluten free facility. So is your Gluten Free option made in a gluten free facility? I really like Huel but I need to find a solution to help with the weight gain and bloating. It’s very uncomfortable.

Hey John, It sounds like it would be best to start by determining your ideal caloric intake. You can do so at If you need to monitor your calories precisely, we recommend using a food scale.

In regards to the discomfort you’re experiencing, Huel on its own shouldn’t be causing bloating or irritation. If you consume any hot beverages (like tea or coffee) around the same time as Huel, you may experience some temporary bloating. This is due to the fact that hot beverages do not empty from the stomach as rapidly as cooler beverages; thus slowing the other contents of the stomach, i.e. Huel. If food and drink empty from the stomach quicker it means less bloating.

Our gluten-free version is the same ingredients, just a different manufacturing process. Switching to gluten-free might not be solution you’re looking for, but if it is then perfect - let us know!

So what are the different manufacturing of the gluten free packages?

I do not drink hot beverages, I literally take Huel for breakfast, fruit for snack or fresh veggies, Huel for lunch, healthy snack again then Huel for dinner at times or an actual cooked meal. But when I take Huel first thing in the morning, I have to use the restroom maybe 10min later, then each time I take it.

I know sometimes too much gluten can cause bloating and irritated stomach. I truly like the product, I just want to take it comfortably.

The gluten-free Huel has gluten-free oats and is made in 100% certified gluten-free facilities and transported in completely gluten-free trucks, @Jmak.

Perhaps you could give the gluten-free Huel a whirl next time & see if you notice any changes with your body!