Experiences of Vegetarian/Vegan vs Meat Eaters

I’m curious to see if Vegans/Vegetarians have different experiences with Huel from those who have meat in their diet.

I’m thinking the Gas Factor would be the biggest indicator of something different. I have met carnivores who have gone to a vegetarian retreat and end up gassing out their roommates. I would think that non-meat eaters would have fewer gas issues with Huel and curious to see if my hunch is correct.

I am interested in hearing other non-gas experiences as well. :grin:

There is more gradient to the types of diets than just meat vs non-meat. I’m basically a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian but occasionally eat fish… I also don’t do well with dairy… So I guess that makes me a Ovo Pescatarian. I still consume some dairy but in limited quantities… except for cheese pizza…
It would be good to hear the specific typical diet you have but to make things simple it would make it easier to divide between Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarians and place yourself on the side you think you are closest to…

I am going to get my Huel today and will report back in a few days on my personal experience. In the meantime, I’m curious about others.

Thanks for your input.

I think it has a lot to do with the ratios of bacteria in the stomach. Some strains thrive in sugar and alcohol, others meat and fat, and others carbs and plants. I used to have a diet of sugar, fat and carbs before, and now consume Huel 6 days out of 7. I’ve noticed as months went by my digestion process go completely back to normal. I suspect the biome of my stomach has fully adjusted to the powdered seed liquid that keeps coming down the hatch these days.

I am not a vegetarian, but for this feedback, I would be placed on the vegetarian side. I do not eat much meat in my ‘usual diet’. I eat a lot of carbs and fats. I do of course eat the occasional seafood and burger, but generally, not nearly as much as the ‘average American’ (especially red meats). After starting Huel, I did not notice much of a gastrointestinal change at all. I did not have a long gassy transitional period into the product, like many have reported. I did notice a slight uptick in frequency/ease of bowel movements due to the increase in fiber, I would assume.

Here is my experience so far.

I’m a vegetarian for the sake of this discussion. (I occasionally eat fish)

I’ve been using Huel for about 10 days now with minimal issues. I started with Huel for breakfast only for a couple days then went to breakfast and lunch and have been doing that since. Only issue I had was a little more gas than usual when I first started and then when I increased my intake. Other than that, no real issues.

I eat meat rarely. My usual diet consisted of the bread group and dairy group. I’ve been really bad about eating Vegetables, unless they are prepared in a meal. When I started using Huel regularly (only for breakfast), I noticed the big side effects… It lasted a while, couple weeks I think? Then has slowly lessend since then. I am now on week 6 or so of having Huel for breakfast.

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I’m like Hueler, bad at eating my veggies. I eat meat on occasion, but my diet for the past months has been basically rice and beans with yogurt for breakfast and some junk food for different snacks. I’m trying to reclaim my food habits with Huel. I did fine with just one meal of Huel per day, didn’t notice any huge side effects. After a week or so, tried adding as second meal and that’s when the infamous gas and intestinal issues started occurring. I backed off of that second Huel meal and just had one Huel meal per day for several weeks. I have started implementing a second meal of Huel again and some of that gas has returned, but it has been much more mild than previous. It has almost been a week since starting a second meal and the gas is starting to abate some. It seems my body just needed a lot of time to adjust.

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