Error during order

I had some kind of error when placing an order yesterday. It seems as though my one time order of 2 pouches was doubled up and twice the cost. I don’t know what happened to make the order $132 but something went wrong. Can we fix this before shipment and correct the charge to what 2 pouches are supposed to be?

Hey Chris. It looks like you selected two orders of two bags causing this to double up. Unfortunately, the shipment has already shipped so I can’t modify it. We can set up a return for the extra two bags, if you’d like. I’ll private message you now so we can solve this. Cheers.

I would if it’s going to be necessary but it might’ve been corrected already. The email confirming the shipment today said $66. I did also send an email to support and didn’t get any response prior to that. So I was just trying to get someone’s atttention before it was too late. Is it safe to assume it’s been fixed or should I get the return instructions just in case?

Got your email. I’ll reply to that now with return instructions. Do you see two confirmation emails?

There’s only one shipment confirmation email. Should I forward it?

Heyo! We responded to your email with instructions.