Ordered 8 bags But I Only Got 4 Bags

So I did a subscription of 8 bags for every 4 weeks. And I received the shipment. It happens to turn out that I have only 4 bags instead of 8… are you serious? I paid a lot of money for this and I get only half of what I was supposed to get? I demand an answer.

Have you tried sending an email to support@huel.com letting them know about the mistake? You’re more likely to get a response from somebody that can actually do something about it through actual customer support instead of trying to let all the other customers know about it.

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While publicizing your concerns to the greater group might make it seem as if you’ll be getting assisted much faster, your path of least resistance would be to respond to the email you received initially stating that your ordered was processed. I’m confident the team there will make it right (as they have for so many of us).

Agreed, I made my post before reading yours but it resonates all the same.

8 bags is kinda heavy… maybe it shipped in two different containers? Mail delivery is kinda messed up right now. Last time I placed a largish order the second part came the next day.

Thanks for the responses. I did everything I could to get this problem addressed. I emailed, and contacted support.

I have seen here before that larger shipments are shipped in more than one box. Hopefully it will make it’s way to you tomorrow. If you don’t get it, Huel will make it right, even if it takes them a bit longer than you would like.

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It is finally resolved. Thank you everyone!