Was sent wrong quantity

I received huel as a birthday gift and then after I finished it I ordered more for myself. The gift was 2 pouches and that’s that came and the recipt said 2. In my most recent order I bought 3 pouches as the recipt in the box says but only received 2 pouches. I got the subscription set for 2 weeks and I received my first box as a starter kit, and don’t know where the other bag is. Huel doesn’t have a customer support line and I don’t know weither I can eat the bags I have. Pls tell me. Is another bag coming.? Is the order messed up. ?Can I eat what I have?

Hey AJ, not to worry! You can certainly start with the Huel you have and I will have another bag sent your way ASAP that should arrive in 3-5 business days. :+1:

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