End of a bag powder?

Does anybody know of a easy way to get the powder out of the bottom of the bag when it’s empty. I usually just dump it in the new bag but then it makes a mess everywhere. Just wondering if anybody has come up with a trick or an easier way.

I do the same with dumping into the next bag. It helps if you seal one side of the bag or just hold it closed so there isn’t a large opening to try and pour from.

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When I empty the last of the Huel of an old bag into a new bag, I insert the entire top of the old bag into the new bag to make sure there is no dusty mess.

I just use kitchen shears to lop the top of the old bag off, this makes a smoother (and more manageable sized) bag to dump the last bit of powder. No mess. :slight_smile:


What you have to do is face the bag long ways. Like put your arm straight out in front of you and have the bag going parallel to your arm. Then, tilt the bag toward you at a 45° angle so it makes a ramp. Use a hand or the edge of the scoop to push the powder down the ramp if you have to. Then, you should have a large pile of powder that is easy to scoop from. Scoop that into your shaker. Then, turn the bag around and do the same thing with a ramp going the other way if you have not gotten it all. You can also use a smaller spoon and put that into the scoop if the powder is very small at the end. Another thing you can do is if you have calculated how much of it you have actually used, and you know how much is left, you can cut one corner of the bag off and just shake the rest into the shaker. You are basically just putting one corner of the bag into the shaker kind of like a miniature funnel… Just snip off the corner, fold it slightly over or hold it shut with your hand, and then just put that corner right into that of the shaker and it will come out. Another thing you can do since this is the last bit of powder in the bag is you can add a tiny bit of water like only a few drops and the powder will clump up and stick to itself so that it can be more easily removed.

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I just cut off one of the bottom corners of the bag and pour the powder through there to another bag.


I think the bags are clumsy anyway. I dump the whole bag in a big plastic container from an inferior protein powder I used to use and portion from that.

I’d be careful with that. I’ve read several times that the bag protects the nutrients and the quality of Huel.

This is true! If anyone does switch their Huel out make sure the container is airtight and blocks out light. Otherwise please at least store it in the dark.