“Don’t Fix it if it’s not broken!” V 3.0

I was literally shocked when I first tried the new version 3.0 last night. I’ve been a happy “Hueler” for two years now and have been eating the other versions every day. I added a bunch of extra fruit and I still couldn’t get it to taste good. How they possibly switched it this much is beyond me. You cannot even taste the vanilla!! I’m reaching out to customer service for the credit of the four bags I have. I had quite a bit of the old versions in stock at home, and just got into my new subscription. Had to cancel My 3.0 subscription.


I was trying hard for a week to stomach it and convince myself its not that bad, but it’s like a different product altogether. I’m not pumped about it.


You’re not alone, there’s another thread on this same issue. clumpy, terrible taste, I almost had my wife on board but no way i’m making her drink this.


Hey @DukeBarnes! I’m so sorry to hear you’re not a fan of v3.0 but really appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback! I see you emailed in over the weekend so I would be happy to get you a response today so we can work this out for you😃

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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Thank you Christian. I have received four bags of the version 3.0 before cancelling the subscription. My son took one to college, and opened that one up and actually texted me about his dissatisfaction. He thought he had used spoiled milk or something at
first and described it as tasting “off”.

I didn’t think to much of it until I opened up my first bag the other night and instantly noticed a huge taste difference in the 3.0 version. I tried adding lots of fruit and other variations and just cannot mask the unpleasant taste of the new product.

Long story short I still have 2 unopened bags and would like to return those (at minimum) for credit. I think I should get credit for all four of them due to tasting bad, but realize your policy says they have to be unopened. Please advise either way.

Have a good day. Note: I thought I was sending an email back to get the return in — didn’t realize I was going back on the forum :-).


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