Digestive track pain/cramping

After 3 days of having Huel Black for breakfast I had to stop. I noticed some discomfort on day 2 but by the evening of day 3 I thought something was seriously wrong. It was very painful in my lower gut and I even had a slight fever. It is now late afternoon of day 4 (no Huel today) and I feel great. I have always prided myself in having a strong gut and I can eat anything! But clearly, this product is not for me. Is there any process to get a refund for my barely used 2 bags of Black?

Aww. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for ya, Marty. I’m the opposite—I have a sensitive gut and IBS so changes in my diet are usually disastrous, but the only side effects of switching to Huel were being gassy for a couple of days. My husband called them the hu-farts. :joy:

Here’s a link to their return policy:

If you only opened one of the bags, you can get a full refund on the unopened one.

Thank you Chani! Being a little gassy would be fine, but my side effects were much worse. Sure wish I hadn’t opened that second pouch…looks like I’m stuck.

There’s an adjustment period. Takes about a week. It’s a pretty universal experience until your body adjusts to the fiber.


To piggy-back off this…there are also a ton of ingredients you might want to try adding to your shakes to give them more flavor, help with gas, or to meet dietary needs @Marty61

Check out the Recipes tab. Or grab a blender and go to town…

It’s definitely known to cause digestive issues (in most cases, nuclear farts) but fever makes me wonder if it wasn’t the Huel but something else because I didn’t think the usual culprits (lots of fiber) could cause that. If you’re so inclined it might be worth (cautiously) trying again to see if you didn’t catch a stomach bug at the same time (and if not, that’s cool too of course).