Differences between Huel Black and U/U

A while back, I used another meal replacer brand to help me lose weight and it went very well except I had to give that drink up because of the Sucralose it contained.

Cut to now, and I’ve discovered Huel Black, which thankfully contains no artificial sweetener. But neither does U/U, and I’m trying to decide whether to try U/U.

My question is what the differences are between unflavored/unsweetened Huel and Huel Black (besides the obvious).

I’m mainly using Huel to lose weight, and I’m concerned that adding sugar/flavor to U/U will up the calories too much. But I’d kind of prefer a smoother texture than Huel Black and am wondering whether U/U is smoother.

I blend Black Vanilla and UU with a cup of frozen blueberries for most servings. I like to vary the balance of thin, low carb sweetness to higher carb, thicker oatyness depending on what I am doing that day.

Normally 50/50, but I adjust one way or another depending on if its a long cardio day or weight training.

Thanks for the info, @Huel_Hefner! Can you speak to any differences between the textures of the two?

I like the Black Vanilla, but I’m wondering whether UU is a little smoother.

UU is thicker, and to me the flax grit is a bit more noticeable. If I’m at home I prepare and refrigerate a new “shake in waiting” as soon I finish the last so that process seems to soften the flax, and definately thickens it overall. Often times I will add a bit of water after tasting it to adjust the consistency.

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Get a bag of each, mix 50/50 or use one as a change from the usual. I blend & slam, honestly it’s like asking about the nuance of difference between catsup and ketchup. :slight_smile:

Kidding aside, try them both - you really can’t trust random stranger opinions in a forum anyway. :slight_smile:

Just tried the Black vanilla. Seems to have a bit creamier texture and tastes more like vanilla. Also, surprisingly, it doesn’t taste as sweet though it has sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. I like it.

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