Any way of getting UU to taste like Original Vanilla? New vanilla is gross

So until my last shipment I had been consistently receiving Original Vanilla, unaware that it was being phased out. My most current shipment included the New Vanilla and unaware of the change on the first day I tried it and immediately spit it out due to the extremely artificial and overpowering vanilla flavor. I took to the forums and found out about the change and gave it a chance 2 shakes a day for 3 days, cancelled my subscription the next day after that.

The Original vanilla had a mellow vanilla flavor with a deep earthy after taste, whereas the new vanilla has a powerful vanilla flavor and a shallow acidic chemical after taste.

I’m considering resubscribing but I dislike both chocolate and berry Huel, original vanilla was my go to.

I’m considering UU but wanted opinions on how close the flavor is to Original Vanilla and/or find out if it can be modified to do so.

Thanks for any insight!


I prefer the new vanilla, but to approach old vanilla with UU, you can try adding Torani sugar free vanilla syrup and/or sweetened vanilla almond milk. I’ve done both, and the problem is that the oat flavor still comes through more strongly that OV. I actually like UU with fruit and honey.

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I suggest you order UU without the need to make it taste like anything else.

Once you get used to it, you can make it taste like a range of flavors - but if all you are doing is forcing it to be something else, you’ll probably be disappointed.


Ill definitely try UU plain and prepared in multiple ways, hopefully I’ll find something that works for my palate. Thanks for the suggestions!