Diet Soda okay for weight loss?

Just started Huel. Trying to stop regular soda but wondering if it’s okay to have diet soda in moderation while trying to lose weight?

In the end weight loss comes down to calories, so diet soda should be totally ok. Of course you should still try and cut back if you can or at least increase your water intake. Try to aim for 2-3L of water per day.


There is slightly more sodium in diet soda than regular soda; while this will not actually prevent you from losing fat, it can slow down the loss of water weight. That said, I drink Diet Pepsi in abundance and have still managed to lose 32 pounds so far since May on a mostly Huel diet.


I am thinking that diet soda might still give some people a craving for sweet things. So in those people, it might be better to just force yourself to only drink water instead of diet soda. At least try it for a few weeks and I think the craving for sweet soda might go away. Just my opinion. In the end, I don’t think one or two diet sodas per day is gonna make that big of a difference. And a diet soda is probably better than a regular soda.

In regards to calories:
Although you technically have to eat less calories than your body burns in order to lose weight, thinking about it in these terms isn’t the best way to do it. Eating excess calories is the immediate cause of obesity. But, the ultimate cause of excess body fat is hormonal. Mainly, insulin. It’s just that the quantity and quality of carbohydrates we eat largely determines how much insulin our pancreas makes. So it can appear as if excess calories are the cause. If you focus on lowering your insulin, weight (more precisely, fat) loss is much simpler. The calories-in-calories-out model will lead you down the wrong path. Instead, learn about insulin and how to lower it.

I am 5’ 11" male. I was 277 pounds at one point in my life. Yesterday on the scale, I was 173 lbs. I personally know about fat loss. I tried the exercise rigorously and try to limit my calories approach. I was partially successful. Then when I learned about insulin, I started practicing 16-hr intermittent fasting, eating lower glycemic index foods (like Huel) during my feeding window, and doing modest exercise. The body fat came off so much quicker and with much less effort. No counting calories. No tracking macronutrients. No special supplements or special exercise program to buy. Just a general attempt to minimize sugar and wheat flour and eat other foods instead. More time for Xbox and the GF.


Nice going. How much Huel do you consume daily?

Nice. Thanks for all the info. Still having success with weight loss?

Still two 450 calorie shakes a day, going on six months now. Never felt better.

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My current BMI is like 22.5, so yeah it’s going very well. Although as soon as my left ankle/heel heal up and i can restart exercise, I may gain back a few pounds which is okay.

That’s awesome deron. Keep it up :wink:

Thanks. And what do you eat for the other meal? How many calories per day (total)?

These days I have one of the bottled Huels for breakfast, one for lunch, and for dinner I have Vite Ramen. In total its 1300 calories. Every other week I order a pizza to give myself something to look forward to. In two weeks I will have been having Huel at least ten times a week for a year. Still love it.


This post is so helpful to me.

1300 calories a day? You better watch out, or you’re going to wind up hanging from somebody’s charm bracelet!