Low Carb Diet Followers

I have had great success in the past losing and keeping extra weight off following a low carb diet. How does Huel stack up for that? Is there anyone else out there that has any experience with this? I really like my Huel, but I have not been eating it 100% for my diet and I need to slim down.

Either eat 1 fewer shake per day or use 1 fewer scoops per shake.

Drink more water. It’ll help you feel full and most people need top drink more water in general.

Huel is great for fat loss because it makes it easy to track the exact calories you’re consuming. It is not a low-carb product though! We do have some low-carb hacks here that you might be interested in, @ChrisM: https://huel.com/pages/low-carb-huel-two-hacks

My favorite way to have Huel is to have 3 scoops in a shake and just add a handful of strawberries. No clue how many calories are in a strawberry, but if I could stick to that as my diet, wouldn’t I lose weight?

Have you gone 100% Huel? I love it. It is just that weight comes off me faster with a low carb (Atkins style) diet. Lord knows I need to lose a lot of pounds.


I see that this is not your first journey losing weight (or that’s what you seem to imply). Therefore, before you embark on another weight loss journey, why don’t you start with a lifestyle change journey.

What is the difference between both, you might ask:

  • A weight loss journey is just a change in your diet to loss weight. You will do all it takes to lose the extra few pounds and you are willing to be uncomfortable for that often. Since, when you finish it, you won’t have to do it again. The truth is, you are more likely than not to put your weight back.

  • Lifestyle change implies that you know the reason why you are overweight is bad habits and the best way to get rid of them is to change the way you eat and you exercise. You build blocks to have a healthier lifestyle from now on. Therefore, weight loss is almost a consequence.

Regarding, your strawberry question. One cup of halved strawberries (152g) will give you about 50kcal. 12g of carbs, 3g of fiber and 7g of sugar. Strawberries are mainly carbs. So adding them to you Huel (3 scoops):

  • 500 (depends a little on the scoop size)+50 kcal= 550kcal
  • 59g Carb, 8g sugar, 38g protein, 16g fat. 44C/28P/28F
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