Diarrhea on Huel

@JamesCollier Hello. I have been having diarrhea having only one Huel shake per day. I just wanted to know, does this mean my body is not absorbing all of the nutrients and calories? Could it also mean it’s wasting the calories I have from other foods too? Thank you in advance for your help

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Hi @WantItToWork

I have a few quick questions so I can try to help:

  1. How long have you been having Huel?

  2. What time of day do you have your Huel?

  3. How many scoops?

  4. Are your bowel movements normally ok?

You might not be absorbing everything from Huel - some micronutrients may be lost, but you won’t be wasting calories from other foods.

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Thanks for getting back to me

I’ve been on Huel for just one week. I’ve been only having 1 shake a day then 2, to ease my body on to it.

I have the Huel afternoon. I have 125g serving.

Bowel movements are usually better than they have been over the last week. Although they’re not perfect. Through trial and error, I was hoping Huel would be one thing that helps to improve them.

The diarrhea isn’t immediately after taking Huel it’s usually a few hours later. Is it too optimistic to believe that most of the Huel will Be absorbed by then?

Thank you


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Hi Bobby

Thanks for the reply.

Most will be getting absorbed - some vits and mins might not be fully.

I feel this may simply be a case of the gut microbiome adjusting. For most it’s not an issue, but for others it can take a while as we all have very different microflora profiles.

May I suggest that you cut back to 100g for now and give it a week to see if your bowel movements improve? Please do report back in this thread (please @ tag me in!)

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Will do, thank you



@JamesCollier hello can you confirm for me that huel powder (v3 and black edition) is low FODMAP? Thanks

You never gave a status update, assuming all went well?

Yes both are low FODMAP!