Day One review on Huel

Howdy Hueligans! Today is numero uno for me with the Huel. I’m not sure how it took me so long to find it. I always looked at the bag of Pedigree as I fed my chihuahua and thought, where’s the people chow? This should be a thing! I went so far as to email Rachel Ray, since she does both dog food and people food. I got no reply. So, Huel appeared in a search for low sodium meal replacements. Tada! People Chow! My first order came in yesterday, and today’s the day. The Caffe Latte I had for breakfast was interesting. I shook and shook, and it was lumpy. But it was also great tasting, so I just chewed it up! Not really a problem. Very filling, and took me 90 minutes to finish it. Then for lunch, Yellow Coconut Curry. I made this using the coffee maker, easy peasy. It is delicious! Also very filling! I can’t believe how good this is, or how cheap. I believe I have finally found what I’ve been looking for!


Hey @audra71,
SO excited to have you as a Hueligan :heart_eyes:
We prefer to think of Huel as Human+Fuel, but to each their own. Hilarious that you reached out to Rachel Ray. Let us know if she gets back to you :joy:
Glad to hear you are enjoying both the Caffee Latte flavor and the Yellow Coconut Curry :muscle:

I just started my Huel journey too. Got my package Saturday and I’ve been mealing on that since. I put in an order for some Black Huel too just a few minutes ago, as I’m not a fan of sweet things. I’ll save the Vanilla and Banana for times when I want desert.

Some people protest that they have gassy issues with this stuff. I suffer from that with lots of normal food and so far I’ve had less upsets in that area with Huel, but that might be just me.

My kids are asking to try it too (18 and 20) and like it so far. Looks like it’s going down faster than I 1st thought in our house… those two bags might not last long.

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90 minutes to finish 1 (2-scoop?) shake?! That is some Zen-style mindful eating.
My own 2 or 3 scoop shakes don’t last but as long as it takes me to slam it back.
Then again I only eat when I’m hungry…so my body might be urging me to consume nutrients.
Good job. There. You. Check out the Recipes tab for some brilliant ideas on how to jazz up those shakes.

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You can slam down one of these?? I shook until I got tired of shaking and I was still chewing on it. I don’t mind the texture but it certainly slows me down. That was my first one, they only last me about 30 minutes now. :grin: