New Hueler! So far So Good!

Ok, on day three, 2 Huel a Day, Breakfast and Lunch, No side effects that I can attribute to Huel, Love the Taste, Tried Coffee and Cinnamon this morning, will have a fruit Huel at lunch, got to Say I love the Vanilla Huel, it keeps me sated, so no cravings which is great, tried Several Replacement meals, Huel is the Cheapest by far and better tasting…

Waiting for flavor packs and Huel bar to hit US… Shipping was amazing, was here in 3 days… Thanks for a Great Product!..

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Woohoo, welcome to the Huel community, Corey! :tada::tada::tada: We’re happy to have you join Team Huel! If you come up with any delish recipes, we would love to see them and definitely please share any fun creations on social media (@huelusa or #gethuel).