Day 5 Of Replacing Two Meals

I am 5’6”, female, 45 and weight entirely too much…this is day five of replacing two meal. My husband and I have chosen to replace breakfast and dinner. To counter the too sweet taste many reported in previous posts we use two scoops of vanilla to one scoop unflavored. It works really well. I take my Huel to work in the morning and sip on it . It takes me from 8 am to 10:30 or so to finish it. Yesterday was the worst day. Felt foggy in the morning. Today I’m good. Having trouble sleeping though after my dinner Huel…does anyone else experience this?

Day 9. Feeling good. Ordered myself a bathroom scale. Haven’t owned on for 20 years. We tried mixing unflavored Huel with spicy V8, celery, carrots and cilantro. It was yummy. I can take my jeans off with out undoing the zipper or the snap.


That is the best feeling!!

I never did get the fog but I’m just replacing lunch, I do make sure to get a mid morning snack in - if I miss that it’s awful lol

Cheers to more success!

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My experience has been the fog will eventually go away. Seems a fickle thing though, if I switch enough away from Huel I can get it when I go back. Of course, my observations at no where near a level of scientific study and there may be unrelated factors. tl;dr: YMMV

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Fog goes away. Took about a week for my stomach and body to adjust but I was exploding with energy afterwords.

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It took me a few weeks before my body got adjusted to it. My wife and I are both taking huel. Right now we’re both doing two a day. She started to help with weight loss and I started because I live a very active life. I find it hard to get enough meals throughout the day. I’m currently trying to put on some muscle mass and with my busy life it’s sometimes hard to get enough meals throughout the day. I just carry a few baggies with me and mix it on the go. My goal wasn’t to lose any weight but over the last 6 weeks I’ve noticed my body getting much leaner. My wife is a full time dental student so she doesn’t have as much time to workout as me but just replacing the two meal a day she has noticed her clothes fitting looser.

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13 days. Feeling good. Take my Huel to work and nurse it all morning. Light, normal lunch. Replacing dinner with Huel. We use skim milk and a handful of frozen fruit. Also tried spicy V8, celery, carrots and cilantro, yummy. My favorite is with frozen blueberries and a banana. Lost six pounds. Looking forward to summer, when we can add fresh Alaskan berries.