Customer Support - No Bueno

So I’m kinda running out of options in terms of contacting Huel and getting their support to respond, so perhaps this last resort might help.

2nd month into this thing, and so far… loving it.

Issues… deliverability takes place about 7 days after payment has posted, so essentially one is getting about 3 weeks’ product before next payment goes through, and should one move their payment and product delivery dates forward, well, you may go for a week or so when current batch is done, before getting another.

Major Issue:
My order is for Gluten Free… which I did receive the first time… this time around, they sent me an ordinary, non Gluten Free order… and still charged me at the Gluten Free rate… I ordered Gluten Free, they delivered something else, and they’re not even responding to my messages on Facebook!

Is there even a name behind this brand, a telephone number (US based) to support perhaps?
I have so may questions and gripes, at this stage, feels better to seek an alternative.

Any feedback from anyone concerned would be appreciated.

This doesn’t speak to the customer service, but I’d recommend placing your order with Amazon if that’s an option for you. I got mine the same day I placed my order (about 8 hours later), and since Amazon handles the fulfillment as well as the delivery, if there’s an issue with getting the wrong type you can contact Amazon and tell them to resend, and I know they have great customer service and response (in my experience, at least). Hope this helps moving forward.

Hi @activ_x.

I just sent you over an email and we’re going to correct your order issue right away. Normally orders take 3-5 business days to arrive after it is placed. It appears your order was placed on a Friday and delivered on a Friday which is within the five business day time frame. Unfortunately the weekend will add a few days to your order delivery schedule due to our fulfilment warehouse being closed and FedEx does not pick-up orders on weekends.

There is limited coverage both through social and customer emails over the weekend which is the reason why you have not received a response until now.